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Vaccination Bracelets Arrive at Glynn County Health Department

GLYNN COUNTY, GA – Retired Glynn County physician, Dr. Steve Pappas, and his wife, Cheri, recently donated blue silicone bracelets to the Glynn County Health Department. The bracelets are imprinted with the word “vaccinated” and will be given to residents upon receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Residents who were fully vaccinated before the bracelets were available are invited to come by the health department to pick one up.

Glynn County Health Department Nurse Manager, Adam Sanchez, R.N., and Cheri Pappas show off the blue silicone vaccination bracelets.

“Despite a marked decrease in COVID-related illness and death, people continue to fear – justifiably – that the person behind them in the grocery store line might be contagious,” said Dr. Pappas. “We are distributing proof of vaccination bracelets in the hopes that a glance at a neighbor’s wrist might calm tensions and improve social interaction.”

The Pappas’ have ordered thousands of additional bracelets and will donate them to various entities to distribute, including the Glynn County Health Department, Southeast Georgia Health System, and various businesses throughout Glynn County.

“The purpose of the blue wrist bands is not to convince anyone whether to have the vaccine, but simply to decrease social anxiety by wearing them in public places,” said Cheri Pappas. “We hope that these wristbands will help our community get back to our normal way of life sooner.”

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