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The Coastal Health District of Georgia serves the counties of Bryan, Camden, Chatham, Effingham, Glynn, Liberty, Long & McIntosh

Public Health Internships with the Coastal Health District

Are you interested in gaining field experience in public health?

The Coastal Health District of the Georgia Department of Public Health is pleased to offer diverse and unique internship experiences to currently enrolled university students.

While the Coastal Health District considers requests throughout the year, competitive applicants should submit their applications within the following time periods:

Click here for some important considerations before applying for an internship with the Coastal Health District.

How to Apply for an Internship

To begin the application process, send us an email to express interest in an internship.

The email must include:

Please also share any specific areas of interest or other details you believe we should know about your education, work experience and professional goals. You may also send us a resume.

*Note: Please check with your advisor or instructor to make sure that your college or university has a current memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Coastal Health District. We must have a current MOU before we can honor your request for an internship or a preceptorship in the Coastal Health District which includes Bryan, Camden, Chatham, Effingham, Glynn, Liberty, Long and McIntosh counties.

Send Your Email

Please email us using your university-issued email address. These emails are less likely to be blocked by our spam filters.

Internship emails are currently being accepted in the following departments:

Epidemiology Internships offered every
Health PromotionDependent upon program needsCristina Gibson, Chronic Disease Prevention Director

All qualified applicants will be considered, but due to the volume of applications received, not every applicant may receive an interview. Selected applicants will be contacted by appropriate personnel for next steps in the selection process.

Nursing Students:

Currently, all clinical rotations for nursing students are filled through existing agreements with area nursing schools. If you are a nursing student in need of a clinical rotation, contact your nursing school leadership to determine if an agreement is in place to facilitate the internship.