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The Coastal Health District of Georgia serves the counties of Bryan, Camden, Chatham, Effingham, Glynn, Liberty, Long & McIntosh

Effingham News

Johnson & Johnson Vaccinations Paused

Following the guidance and recommendations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) is pausing J&J (Janssen) vaccinations in Georgia until further notice.

  • The JOHNSON AND JOHNSON clinics on Tuesday, April 13 and Wednesday April 14 at the Chatham County Annex will now offer Pfizer vaccine. If you have an appointment, you may still come at your regular appointment time and will receive Pfizer instead of Johnson & Johnson. You will need to return for a second dose in three weeks.
  • The JOHNSON AND JOHNSON clinic Wednesday, April 14 at the Shuman Recreation Center in Liberty will now offer Moderna vaccine. If you have an appointment, you may still come at your regular appointment time and will receive Moderna instead of Johnson & Johnson. You will need to return for a second dose in four weeks.
  • There is a JOHNSON AND JOHNSON clinic scheduled for April 24th in Camden. At this time, we do not know what vaccine will be offered – we will wait for further instruction from FDA and CDC.

The FDA and CDC are reviewing data involving six reported cases of a rare and severe type of blood clot occurring in women aged 18-48 about a week after vaccination. None of the six cases are in individuals vaccinated in Georgia.

DPH and District Health Departments are working to provide Pfizer or Moderna vaccines for individuals with previously scheduled appointments for the J&J vaccine. In some cases, this may require rescheduling, and we ask for patience while scheduling arrangements and adjustments are made.

Right now, these adverse events appear to be extremely rare, but out of an abundance of caution DPH will temporarily stop the administration of the J&J vaccine while scientists review the data around these cases. More than 124,000 doses of J&J vaccine have been safely administered in Georgia.

Individuals who have received the J&J vaccine and develop severe headache, abdominal pain leg pain or shortness of breath within three weeks after vaccination should contact their health care providers. DPH urges all health care providers to be aware of the potential for these adverse events and plan for appropriate treatment required with these types of blood clots.

Vaccination remains one of our best tools for stopping the spread of COVID-19, along with basic prevention measures – wearing a mask, distancing from others, avoiding large gatherings and frequent hand washing.

DPH will continue to monitor the situation with J&J vaccines and provide additional information as it becomes available.

More information is also available on the website of the FDA.

Georgians 16+ Eligible for COVID Vaccine

The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) and Governor Brian Kemp announced the state will expand its COVID vaccine eligibility beginning March 25, 2021, to include all Georgians aged 16 and older. Increased COVID vaccine supply and significant progress in vaccinating Georgia seniors, our most vulnerable population, allows the state to move forward and to ensure all vaccine doses are being put into arms.

Vaccination, along with strict compliance with basic prevention measures – wear a mask, stay six feet from others, avoid large gatherings, wash your hands frequently – will help Georgia stop the spread of COVID-19.

These measures are critically important as SARs-CoV-2 variants continue to circulate and increase in Georgia. Currently, there are 367 confirmed COVID cases with variants statewide; 351 cases with the UK variant (B.1.1.7), 15 cases with the South Africa variant (B.1.351), and 1 case with the Brazil variant (P.1). These variants appear to spread more easily and quickly than other variants, which may lead to more cases of COVID-19.

Anyone with signs or symptoms of COVID-19 should be tested, regardless of vaccination status or prior infection. Follow the advice of your health care provider about what you should do while you wait for your test results. COVID testing not only helps DPH control and mitigate infection, but it also provides valuable information about variants when positive test results are sequenced.

To schedule a vaccination appointment at a health department in the Coastal Health District, visit To schedule an appointment at a GEMA mass vaccination site, visit Or, click here to view information and links for other vaccine providers in our area.

Important note: Pfizer is the only COVID vaccine approved for teens 16 and 17 years old. Please schedule an appointment at the Chatham County Health Department, Glynn County Health Department, CVS or Walgreens or at one of the GEMA mass vaccination sites to ensure Pfizer vaccine is available.

Organizations Partner to Address Vaccine Concerns during Facebook Live Event

The Brunswick (GA) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, the Glynn County Health Department/Coastal Health District, and Southeast Georgia Health System are partnering to present “Real Talk: A Vaccination Conversation” live on Facebook at 7 p.m. on Thursday, March 25. The virtual town hall will include physicians and community leaders sharing extensive knowledge and answering questions about the COVID-19 vaccine.

“It is very important that our communities are reassured that receiving the vaccine is safe,” said President of the Brunswick (GA) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, Jackie Bryant. “We want to engage the public and improve outreach and communication efforts to the citizens who are most affected by COVID-19.”

Residents will have the opportunity to submit questions during the forum as well as hear from infectious disease specialist, Steven Mosher, M.D., Southeast Georgia Physician Associates – Infectious Disease; Glynn County Health Department outreach and education specialist, Katrina Howard; and behavioral health specialist, Janel Holland, LCSW.

“I am very grateful that we now have several vaccine options to help us battle the Covid-19 pandemic. However, in order to succeed and save additional lives we need those who are eligible to get vaccinated,” said Mosher. “The data from several countries with successful vaccination programs has shown how well the vaccine can stop the spread of disease, decrease hospitalizations, and prevent death. I urge the public to get vaccinated when they become eligible.”

The event will also include testimonials from residents who have already received the COVID-19 vaccine.

“The quickest way to get back to the way things were before COVID-19 is for as many people as possible to get vaccinated,” said Glynn County Health Department outreach and education specialist, Katrina Howard. “It is completely understandable to have questions about the vaccine and we want to help answer those questions and clear up any concerns.”

Go to to join the Vaccination Conversation live on Thursday, March 25th. More information on COVID-19 vaccines can also be found on the Coastal Health District website at

Georgia Expands COVID Vaccine Eligibility Beginning March 15th

Atlanta – The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) and Governor Brian Kemp today announced the state will expand its vaccine eligibility March 15, 2021, to include adults aged 55 and older, individuals with disabilities and certain medical conditions.

Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are already eligible for vaccination. This expansion now includes disabilities caused by an injury (e.g., traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury), a disability due to a longstanding condition that could cause vision loss, nerve damage or loss of a limb, or a disability due to illness such as ALS or multiple sclerosis.

The medical conditions referenced are:

Asthma (moderate to severe)                         Immunocompromised

Cancer                                                            Liver disease

Cerebrovascular disease                               Neurologic conditions

Chronic kidney disease                                  Overweight and obesity

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease       Pregnancy

Cystic Fibrosis                                                Pulmonary fibrosis

Diabetes                                                          Sickle Cell Disease

Hypertension or high blood pressure             Thalassemia (blood disorder)

Heart conditions         

To find a vaccine location near you or to schedule an appointment, log on to For individuals aged 16 and 17 who are in an eligible population for vaccination, Pfizer is the only vaccine currently approved for these ages. Please schedule an appointment at CVS or Walgreens or at one of the GEMA mass vaccination sites to ensure Pfizer vaccine is available to you.

For updates on COVID-19, follow @GaDPH and @GovKemp on Twitter and @GaDPH and @GovKemp on Facebook.

National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Events Scheduled

The Coastal Health District is observing National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day with free, confidential HIV testing events throughout the district during March. There will also be giveaways, including gift cards, swag bags, women’s health kits, and COVID-19 self-protection kits.

National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NWGHAAD) is an annual observance that sheds light on the impact of HIV and AIDS on women and girls. Every year on March 10, and throughout the month of March, federal, national, and community organizations come together to show support for women and girls impacted by HIV and AIDS.

Women face unique HIV risks and challenges that can prevent them from getting needed care and treatment. Addressing these issues remains critical to achieving an HIV- and AIDS-free generation.

Click here for a Comprehensive event list.

COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Offered March 10 at Howard Coffin Park in Brunswick

The Coastal Health District will hold a COVID-19 vaccination event on Wednesday, March 10th at Howard Coffin Park at 1402 Sonny Miller Way in Brunswick. Appointments will be available after hours to accommodate educators, school staff, childcare workers.

The clinic will be held from 10 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. by appointment. Appointments can be scheduled online at or by phone at 912-230-5506.

According to the new phase of eligibility that begins in Georgia on March 8th, the following individuals will be eligible for vaccination at this clinic:

  • Educators and school staff in pre-K through 12th grade (public and private school),
  • Employees of early childcare facilities,
  • Adults with developmental or intellectual disabilities and their caregivers,
  • Parents of children with complex medical conditions,
  • Healthcare workers,
  • Emergency first responders,
  • Adults age 65 and older and their caregivers,
  • Staff and residents of long-term care facilities, and
  • Funeral home workers who come into direct contact with the deceased.

You must be a Georgia resident or employed in Georgia to be vaccinated, but you do not have to reside in Glynn County. The event is open to any qualifying Georgian. If you have health insurance, the policy will be billed, but there is no out-of-pocket cost for vaccination and insurance is not required.

The clinic will utilize Pfizer vaccine, and all who are vaccinated at this event will return in three weeks for the second shot in the two-dose series. Please remember to dress in short sleeves to facilitate vaccination. To avoid crowding at the event, please do not arrive early for your appointment.

New COVID Vaccine Dashboard on DPH Website

Atlanta – The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) is launching a new COVID vaccine dashboard on the DPH website The dashboard provides a detailed, transparent picture of vaccination administration in Georgia.

As part of the transition to the new dashboard, you will see a one-time decrease in the number of vaccines administered. This slight decrease is the result of data cleaning and removal of duplicate vaccination entries, and overall quality control.  

The dashboard will update daily at 3 p.m. and now includes:

  • Number of vaccine doses that have been administered in Georgia and reported to the Georgia Registry for Immunization Transactions and Services (GRITS), broken out by first and second doses.
  • Number of vaccine doses administered by a Georgia provider per 100,000 residents, broken out by first and second doses.
  • Vaccine doses administered by county and by day.
  • Race and ethnicity data of vaccine recipients.
  • Total number ofvaccine doses that have been shipped to Georgia from the federal government’s allocation for the state.
  • The number of Georgia providers that have received vaccines from the federal allocation for Georgia.
  • Number of vaccine doses shipped to Georgia providers and the percent of those doses administered.

DPH will regularly review and update features of the dashboard to ensure data quality, accuracy, and transparency.

For updates on COVID-19, follow @GaDPH and @GovKemp on Twitter and @GaDPH and @GovKemp on Facebook.

For information about COVID-19, visit or

Coastal Health District Resumes Scheduling Appointments for COVID-19 Vaccine

An online portal is now available for scheduling a COVID-19 vaccine appointment through public health in the Coastal Health District. Appointments are available for Georgia residents in Phase 1a and Phase 1a+, which includes healthcare workers, emergency first responders, adults age 65 and older, and caregivers of adults age 65 and older.

The quickest way to schedule an appointment is through the online portal at However, residents who do not have online access or need assistance can schedule by phone at 912-230-5506. Telephone wait times may be long.

Individuals who registered for the District’s notification list were notified earlier today. Appointments are available on a first come, first served basis for qualifying individuals, and can be scheduled up to 8 days in advance, depending on vaccine availability. The scheduling system is for first dose appointments only. Second dose appointments are booked at the time the first dose is administered.

“We hope this system will provide easier access to appointments, but please understand the demand for vaccine still far outweighs the supply. I ask for continued patience as we move forward with our vaccination effort,” said Coastal Health District Health Director, Dr. Lawton Davis.

Other healthcare providers in our area are also offering vaccine. Additional information about vaccine and about vaccine providers can be found at

Coastal Health District Shifts to Regional COVID-19 Testing Sites; Local Health Departments Increase COVID-19 Vaccination Program

Beginning February 1st, all COVID-19 testing services by the Coastal Health District will shift to two regional testing sites. All testing through public health will be offered in Chatham and Glynn Counties. Public Health will no longer offer COVID-19 testing in Bryan, Camden, Effingham, Liberty, Long, and McIntosh counties after this week.

In addition to public health sites, COVID-19 testing is also available through many private providers, pharmacies, urgent care centers, and health clinics.

“We have to shift our priorities to better meet the demand for COVID-19 vaccine,” said District Health Director, Dr. Lawton Davis. “As much as we’d like to do it all, our smaller counties don’t have the capacity to operate testing sites, give COVID-19 vaccines, and provide core public health services. Fortunately, there are several other resources available for testing outside of public health.”

Testing at the Glynn County Health Department is by appointment only. Testing at the Savannah Civic Center in Chatham County does not require an appointment, but you must pre-register.

The COVID-19 Testing Call Center Hours will also change. Starting Monday, February 1st, the Testing Call Center will be operational from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Friday.

For more information on COVID-19 testing or vaccine, go to

Volunteer for COVID-19 Vaccination Response

Atlanta – The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) is receiving offers from medical professionals and other individuals looking for ways to help with the COVID-19 vaccination response. An effective response relies on volunteers who are pre-credentialed and organized. Georgia Responds is Georgia’s health and medical volunteer program which matches the skills and credentials of medical and nonmedical volunteers to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in Georgia.

Licensed medical volunteers including doctors, nurses, pharmacists and advanced EMS personnel (EMT Intermediate and above) may be used to administer vaccination. Nonmedical volunteers may be used in administrative roles such as registering individuals for vaccination, data input, language interpretation, other administrative areas as needed, and providing guidance and assistance at vaccination administration sites.

To volunteer, log on to and click on the “Register Now” box. Registering only takes a few minutes and will connect you with . Prospective volunteers will be asked for their name, address, contact information and occupation type. In order to be eligible for some assignments, responders are encouraged to complete a profile summary, which includes skills and certifications, training, medical history, emergency contact and deployment preferences.

Once your skills and credentials are reviewed, you will be notified by a DPH representative.

Even as the COVID vaccine becomes available, all Georgians play a critical role in helping to slow the spread of COVID-19 by adhering to the following guidance:

  • Wear a mask
  • Practice social distancing by putting at least 6 feet between yourself and others
  • Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Follow the guidance of Public Health and the guidelines in the Governor’s Executive Order

For updates on the COVID-19 situation as it develops, follow @GaDPH, @GeorgiaEMA, and @GovKemp on Twitter and @GaDPH, @GEMA.OHS, and @GovKemp on Facebook.

For information about COVID-19, visit or