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MedBank: Savannah’s Local Provider of Free Medications

November 29, 2007
In many communities, national drug assistance programs are the only option for a low-income citizen needing medication. As the national “Partnership for Prescription Assistance” bus tour comes to Savannah tomorrow to showcase national medication assistance programs, Chatham County’s Safety Net Planning Council reminds citizens of the local resource they also have in MedBank.

MedBank Foundation, Inc., a local volunteer organization, has been providing prescription assistance since 1992. MedBank assists eligible individuals of all ages in Chatham, Effingham and Bryan Counties. Patients are income-qualified for programs and are never turned away because of age.

“MedBank is a home-grown agency dedicated to helping local citizens get access to life sustaining medications,” said Liz Longshore, MedBank’s executive director. “We do more than hand out applications; we actually connect our residents with appropriate local and national programs to obtain their prescription medications free-of-charge.”

MedBank’s work reduces the incidence of emergency room visits, hospital and nursing home admissions, and incarcerations attributable to involuntary non-compliance of medications. No fees are charged for MedBank’s services. Since 1992, MedBank has assisted more than 10,000 people.

MedBank has expanded its services into several facilities, including the Curtis V Cooper Primary Healthcare Center, St. Mary’s Health Center, Community Health Mission and Savannah Area Behavioral Health Collaborative (SABHC). “This expansion effort in our community will allow MedBank to provide its services to more of the individuals who have nowhere else to turn to obtain medication,” says Longshore, “all with local staff and local community financial support.”

This year alone, MedBank has provided more than $4 million in free medications to local individuals. No fees are charged for MedBank’s services.

To find out more, please call MedBank at 912-356-2898 or go to

The Chatham County Safety Net is a collaboration of local healthcare providers and agencies, including MedBank, and is part of the Step Up Savannah Poverty Reduction Initiative.