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Environmental Health regulates and inspects all restaurants to minimize the spread of food-borne illnesses. Inspection reports are posted at restaurants for patrons and the general public to view. Any time a complaint is filed, or a food-borne illness is reported to public health, Environmental Health investigates.

Food Service Rules and Regulations (version 290-5-14):
The Food Service Rules and Regulations have changed! Click here to download a copy of the new rules and regulations: FoodServiceRules
Click HERE to read the rules outlining how often a restaurant must be inspected.

Quick Reference Spec Sheets
Food Spec Sheet
Equipment Spec Sheet
Power Outage Information

To find out more about the specific restaurant inspection process in your county, contact your county's Environmental Health Office.

Training and certifications are available for restaurant owners and staff:


The National Restaurant Association's ServSafe® courses are designed to provide participants with valuable information on potentially hazardous foods and safe food handling practices, the HAACP system of food safety; establishing, purchasing, and receiving standards and procedures; designing facilities and selecting appropriate equipment and guidelines for working with regulatory agencies.

There are two different ServSafe® courses you can take: 

ServSafe® Manager's Certification Course - This 2-day course is primarily offered to certify managers. An exam is administered at the conclusion of the second day of instruction. Upon satisfactory completion, a certificate will be issued. The cost is $200 per person for the Manager's Certification Course. 

2015 ServSafe® Manager's Certification Course Dates in Chatham County:
January 28-29
February 25-26
April 29-30
May 27-28
July 29-30
September 23-24
November 18-19

Click here to download the registration form:

ServSafe® Overview Class - This 3-hour class covers basic food safety. A certificate of participation will be given upon completion. All individuals affiliated with the food industry will benefit from the safe food handling information this class provides. The cost is $25 per person for the ServSafe® Overview class. In Chatham County, call 912-356-2160 for more information.

Educational Materials for Food Employees

The Coastal Health District's Environmental Health Division is dedicated to protecting the health and well-being of those who choose to eat in food service establishments. Food service employees play a big role in ensuring that their customers are not exposed to foodborne illnesses.

The information below can help employees understand the role they play in protecting themselves and those they serve every day.

Click here to download a poster with instructions on first aid for choking: ChokingPoster

Need an employee handwashing sign? Click here: Handwashing Sign

Click here to print out a "no smoking" sign for your establishment: No Smoking Sign

Proper Handwashing

Proper Handwashing English
Proper Handwashing Spanish
Proper Handwashing Vietnamese
Proper Handwashing Chinese
Proper Handwashing Korean

Use Gloves or Utensils

Use Gloves or Utensils English
Use Gloves or Utensils Spanish
Use Gloves or Utensils Vietnamese
Use Gloves or Utensils Chinese
Use Gloves or Utensils Korean

Outbreak Could Have Been Prevented

Outbreak Prevented English
Outbreak Prevented Spanish
Outbreak Prevented Vietnamese
Outbreak Prevented Chinese
Outbreak Prevented Korean

For additional food service education materials, click here: FDA Hygiene Handbook